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Capricorn Bulk Signer Software

The Bulk Signer Software is used to sign muliple documents in a single click. This software helps users to sign "PDF" / "XML" or both with the functionality to either sign "first page" / "last page" / "specific page numbers". The Software is a Windows based standalone application that will work both with USB or pfx based DSC.

Advantages of the bulk signer software

This software helps users to provide the option of either sign stamping all pages AND whether we need to show signature or not AND whether we would like to "lock" the file post signing or not.
This software also comes with the property of setting up the coordinates of the container box and signature itself which helps companies to set their own space and helps other users to choose a space in case of multiple signatures on the box.
This Software also comes with the functionality of "Timings" which helps corporates to pick a time interval so that files would be picked at a specific time and signed and kept in a destination folder.
The embedding of "Logo" is also there which helps companies to emboss the company logo along with the digital signing.

Bulk Signer Sofware

Bulk Signer Used for

  • Signing Bulk documents in one go
  • Bulk signing pdf
  • Bulk signing xml