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Document Signer certificate

Document Signer Certificates enable automatic bulk digital signing of documents by organizations to integrating them into their software application. Document Signer Certificates are issued in the name of Organization and are available in Class 2 and Class 3.

Document Signer only for Organisation

The Document Signer Certificate - Organisation are issued to organisational software applications for operating automatically to authenticate documents/information attributed to the organization by using Digital Signature applied to the document documents/Information. They contain additional Object Identifier (OID) in “Certificate Policies” of the certificate as (2.16.356.100.10.1) to limits the usage of this certificate only in the context of automated signing and also to reflect organizational accountability.

Advantages of our Document Signer.

Our Class 2 Document Signer Certificate is in PFX format and can be installed on server for signing in bulk as well as signing in automated form.

Doc Signer Commonly Used

  • Bulk Signing Invoices
  • Bulk Signing Form 16
  • Where ever pfx certificate required